Thursday, February 26, 2009

Attestation Procedures & Documentations

Once you have secured employment offer, the next step is to Attest all the Degree Certificates in your home country before visa is being applied and the procedure as follows-

1) Attestation of Degree Certificate- one must attest the his/her degree certificate in the state which has issued the same. E.g: Anna University Degree must be attested in Tamil Nadu and in Chennai and regional authentication centers have been assigned by ministry of HRD for the same.

a) Original Degree & a copy

b) Copy of Offer letter

c) Copy of Passport

d) Form (given in the counter) & One rupees court stamp

The documents can be submitted in the morning from 10 AM onwards till 1PM and once submitted candidate has to wait the response from centers. normally one must go and check the register after 1-2 weeks of submission.

The certificates are sent to university and upon verification, the same shall be send back to HRD ministry. Once HRD ministry receives the certificate they will put a stamp on backside of the degree. (Do remember to remove the lamination from backside before submission, if you allow them to do, it might get damaged)

2) once the degree certificate are attested in HRD, the next step would be to attest it in Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, this is just 3-4 hours job, and anyone can submit on-behalf of the candidate and no ID proof is required and also there are no charges.
But currently the rules have changed and you can get the MEA attestation in Regional centers like Chennai, where its in "Minisry of External Affairs in the 7th Floor of DPI building in Nungumbakkam "

3) Upon these two attestation, the final attestation must happen in UAE consulate in New Delhi, where you need to employ a agent, the charges for agents varies from 500-800 per certificate, however UAE consulate charges separately 1500 for normal process which takes 3-4 working days and 2200 for express, which is one day.

4) With all these attestation, back side of your degree is full, but don't bother. You need to send this attested certificates to your employer with which he will apply your work visa.

5) Normally in Dubai Free Zone, the work visa is done within 7 days, and in some cases more, if it is outside free zone

6) Actually to get your desired designation in your work visa, the certificate needs to attested again with UAE foreign Affairs in UAE, otherwise whatever visa quote they have, they will get you on that visa, like Data Entry Operator for a Manager

7) UAE visa does not require stamping on the passport while in India or before starting from India, Immigration will send a Visa in A4 paper with all the details mentioned, Your sponsor will scan/fax a copy to you, which is enough to get the tickets. You need to inform your sponsor when you are arriving in UAE, as he would need to submit the original visa he has in the airport.

8) Once landed in the airport, look for Visa collection section. Go there and handover the copy which you received from sponsor, and the officials will get you the original, which is required to cross the immigration.
(some visa does not require and works through bar code, typically with hotel sponsored visas)

9) Once you collect the original (pink color), look for IRIS scan counters, basically they scan your eyes if you are first time visitors to the country, post scanning they will stamp on your visa which you need to take to the immigration counter

10) You need to go to immigration counters, there are plenty of them in Dubai with queues, upon reaching the immigration desk, the immigration officers will check your visa and passport and will put an entry stamp on the passport, then you are done and then-

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